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    Default Hello from Middle Tennessee

    Hello to all. My name is Joel, and I live on a farm with my wife and 3 kids near Cookeville, Tennessee. I currently have 4 hives, Langstroth type, and I run 2 deeps. I have been a newbeek since April. It has been a pretty steep learning curve, and I have had my nose in books and on websites every free moment . I have begun to build some of my own equipment, including a modified Miller style hive-top feeder that has virtually eliminated drowning in my bees...a Miller style nuc-top feeder modified the same way that i will test out in the spring, and warre style quilts which I am using and which seem to be doing well so far.

    We also raise goats for milk and meat, chickens for eggs and...well...chicken, turkeys and ducks (never again on the ducks) and raise most of our own vegetables. We make our own cheese, wine, beer and mead, and my wife makes our soap as well as yogurt.

    It's funny, we're not the "homesteading" types or anything, it just sort of happened a little at a time...

    Looking forward to learning a lot here. Really glad I found this site!
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