I am wanting to get some feedback on the way companies price out there equipment for everyone. I plan on re-doing my prices the first of the year and one of the hurdles I can't decide on is the free shipping places are starting to offer or another price with out shipping factored in.

Now we all know that places with free shipping "pad" there prices a little to offset some of the shipping cost. While this may help people far away from there plants it may also make it more expensive to buy from a certain supplier for someone who would be closer and who would have otherwise saved on shipping cost.

On the other hand people hate to go through a checkout only to get hammered with shipping charges at the end and be dis-appointed in the end. The reverse of the scenario above someone closer to the plant may however save a few dollars on the shipping that would have otherwise been factored into the product.

There is also the "easy factor" of seeing one number knowing thats what it is going to cost and being done with it as well.

So in general what do you guys preffer and why? Would you be more enticed to buy a 11-12$ box that screams free shipping, or a 7-8$ box that will eventually get shipping charged to it???