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    Default who is the end buyer

    Im hearing its some of the big packers!!!

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A federal grand jury has indicted three men for smuggling Chinese honey into the United States.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office in Jacksonville announced Tuesday that the men are accused of mislabeling the honey as "rice fructose" to avoid more than $1 million in duties owed to the federal government.

    The suspects are accused of mislabeling 123 containers, each containing 64 barrels of honey from China. After they passed through customs, the containers were relabeled as "amber honey" for sale to domestic purchasers. The honey was seized from 11 U.S. entry ports.

    If convicted, the three men could face up to 20 years in prison.

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    Default Re: who is the end buyer

    Score one for law and justice.
    Solomon Parker, Parker Farms,
    11 Years Treatment-Free, ~25 Colony Baseline

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    Default Re: who is the end buyer

    Hold the score card! Wait and see if people with that much money really serve any time at all. They have the money for the lawyers to keep it tied up and inprocess for a long time.
    Old Guy in Alabama

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    Default Re: who is the end buyer

    What happens to the honey after it is seized?

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    Reminder Re: who is the end buyer

    The honey goes up in seized item auctions, and it still fines its way to the packers at a cheaper price. So someone put the wrong label on the cantainer, really this is the best our Gov. can do. I don't see that one sticking. In the mean time they are still doing business. Just think of all those container that was missed.

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    Default Re: who is the end buyer

    Wow. You know I am getting quite a few new customers buying my honey and coming back for more. They all tell me its the best honey they have ever tasted. Funny thing is there is alot of honey out there exactly like mine.
    You know what it is? Its my label. Its local. Local tastes better. Probably becasue they trust how I run my operation and buying from the store has that mystery unknown about it. And that mystery unknown comes from stories like the one that started this thread.
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