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    Default filtration/straining

    I have been dialoging with an Anzac beek and he stated that packers hate producers who don't filter or strain their honey going into barrells. As far as I knew the days run just went into a warm holding tank and was barrelled first thing in the morning after it had settled. That was all that was required in the old days. Have expectations changed for drum honey going to the packer?

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    The filtration as far as I know is required by the not get sold into their games.

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    Vance: I have to believe there is a story there somewhere. We allow honey to settle overnight and have never had a complaint with any packer. speaking from personal experience (and I used to pack around 250,000 lbs per year) the honey that is easiest to filter is honey that has been handled gently and allowed to settle overnight. Any equipment that incorporates air into honey can really be a problem, this could include uncappers with spinning blades, pumps with bad seals that suck in air, and occasionally cappings spinners though I have seen cloudy honey and also very clear honey come out of them I've just never pinned down why. In any case if you have a good product and have handled it carefully then worry not.
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