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    Default Brandnew Industries Inc. - beehive brander supplier

    I needed a slash symbol for my vintage 1977 Everhot slotted brand letter holder. I had read that Brandnew had taken over the closed Everhot line. After I emailed their customer service, Scott Swanson from Brandnew took the time to call me and promptly ship me the little part I needed. They no longer supply the 3/4" letters, but the 1" they have will fit my 34 year old holder. I don't think the one inch high slash between the 3/4" high numerals will bother my bees. Great customer service.


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    Default Re: Brandnew Industries Inc. - beehive brander supplier

    yeah Scott did a GREAT job on the business with us
    they tryed to pour a mold for mine and is didnt look right in there eyes so they CNC a bronze head and didnt charge me for the machining of the head
    then shipped it out fast.

    very happy with Brand New Industries !!!!!!!!

    ps i got the 0ne inch size so that it makes a good brand across frames tops and boxes
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