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I'm new to the wood working thing, but did a fair amount of research and settled on this
I'd suggest against the table saw listed. It's a very nice saw, and Dewalt products are usually well built, but for that money you can get something much better.

Here is a good guide to reading up on different types of table saws, their pros and cons: http://www.woodworkingtalk.com/f12/t...t-1-3-a-43321/

What you have listed is a portable job site saw. Generally, it's good to use those when you are in transit alot, you need to toss a table saw into the bed of your truck and move on to the next site. If you are planning on having it be more stable, get a more stable table saw. More sturdy = safer, more predictable cuts, more accurate cuts.

Here is a good one that is in the same price range: http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1...583-_-11210757

Much more sturdy, much better fence system. It will take up much more space though. If space is of prime importance and you don't care about the accuracy of the cuts (or the safety of the saw) then you are better off going with a $100-200 bench top saw.

Personally, I went with a cheapo $150 bench top saw to start with. I saw the folly in my actions (and cheapskateness) and went the much further route and now got a steel city cabinet saw: http://www.toolking.com/steel-city-3...AID=1410675964

But, to each their own.