After our trial batch of hard cider I thought we were set for our first batch of mead. Well we messed up twice.

The recipe called for 4.5 gal of water to be brought to a boil and then mix in the honey. In the haste of things (we got to prepare for Thanks Giving) we didn't measure. No problem we will measure before we put the honey in. Ooh, it boiling, put the honey in ... we forgot to measure. You see how things go... Well, too late now we will just wing it. Somebody likes to do that way anyway.

OK next problem. The directions said to wake up the yeast while the honey water was cooling down to 80 degrees and then pitch it in. Directions said it would take 30 mins. After an hour in a half somebody was ready to pitch it in. Nooooo, it too hot. I got a kitchen thermometer and it was 130 degrees. No choice, have to do water bath to cool it down. So many gallons of water later and a half hour of stirring it is down to 85 degrees. Ok, bail it in to the carboy, who know how much it is. Then we add the yeast after sitting over 2 hours which the package said not to do.

This morning nothing so we prepared another packet and threw it in. Super! starts burping right away.

If this ends up drinkable it will be a miracle.

I forgot to mention, I did take a SG at the start = 1.102