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    Default New to mead (and dumb move) questions

    I have been reading (here and elsewhere) on mead, the fermentation process, etc
    These may seem simple or obvious questions but I'm stuck on them:

    Why do some recipes call for leaving must uncovered for day(s), and others say aeriate and cap right away? If the point of the aerobic process is to have the yeast multiple, why would one cover before they have 'taken over'?

    Why do recipes call for nutrients (raisins, etc) and others dont?

    Why are some of these recipes ready for consumption in a few weeks (these I found on some 'mead sites') and others take months?

    Lastly, last night I had mixed the honey and water, cooked at 'appropriate' temperatures, and had yeast in little cup of warm water, gently waking them up, when a series of unfortunate events caused me to leave - then and there - for a couple hours. When I returned, the cup of warm yeasts had been put in the refigerator by well-meaning family members, so I dumped it in anyway (I had heard they go dormant as opposed to killed, but you know internet information...) They are reacting a bit now but not as expected or told they would. (no bubbles, but there is definitely [I]some[I] kind of pressure building as most of the water in the lock is on one side.)

    So...should I wait and see, should I add more yeast, should I aeriate to allow greater build up, should I add one of those tablets that kills everything to prime the must for the yeast and then add more yeast, or should I forget it take up tennis instead?
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