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    Default Feeding dry sugar in a hive top feeder

    I have a brushy mtn hive top feeder that I never used because I heard the bees drowned to easy. However, I have a hive that is a little light that I would like to give some emergency dry sugar to just in case the ladies run out of food this winter. Do you think I could put the sugar directly in the hive top feeder? Has anyone ever tried this? Should I use the newspaper method on top of the frames surrounded by a shallow instead? Thanks in advance. Also, I have an 8 frame deep and 8 frame medium that they are wintering in if that makes any difference.

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    Default Re: Feeding dry sugar in a hive top feeder

    I would think not but I'm sure other more knowledgeable people will chime in. With dry sugar it's typically placed above the colony on newspaper so it can absorb a bit of moisture from the colony and be ready to eat when they need it. I don't think you'll get that moisture effect with a feeder.

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    Default Re: Feeding dry sugar in a hive top feeder

    On top of the top bars it is accessible no matter what the temps. In the feeder its only available if it's warm enough to leave the cluster.
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