Well said. Reminds me of a raw milk study. 2 stainless steel vats of milk were tested. One was pasturized and one was raw milk straight from the cow. E coli was introduced into each vat and a short time later the milk was tested in each vat. The pasturized milk was rampant with e coli and the raw milk had no trace. Like Mr. Bush said, "the proper microbes will displace pathogens" and this study proved it.

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My problem with trying to answer it is, in 37 years I have never used it. Asking me how do you "make it without Fumidil-B" is like asking someone in a primitive village how can they possibly live without air conditioning...

But I think the real answer is that a natural system with the proper microbes will displace pathogens, where a system that is driven by antibiotics will have all kinds of issues as those beneficial and benign microbes have been wiped out.