My cyser has come a long way but I am in need of some advice. I racked it about a week ago out of the primary off the fruit and lees and ended up with it being pretty turbid because I had trouble racking. It was at 1.025 and from its OG it is about 16% ABV which I thought was higher than 71b-1122 was supposed to go. It has just about quit working and the clarity is very good. It is the color of a bourbon I would say and tastes pretty good. Not yeasty, no bad tones and still has a bit of C02 fizzy taste. I racked it and got around four gallons with real good clarity. I took the remaining gallon off the lees and set it outside where it is in the low thirties and I bet it will be clarified a lot tomorrow. I tested SG again and it remains at 1.025 and is a pretty sweet drink. My question is, if I added a couple qts of water to what clarifies off the lees to top off the 5 gallon carboy, do you think it will work out some more of the sweetness? Now this is no thin tasteless mead. Do you think it would really damage it to add that much water? I still have a gallon of the cider I used to make this mead, but it is SG 1.125 and that would jack up my sweetness even farther! What do you think I should do? My goal was to have mead for Christmas and this is drinkable if you like it sweet now. Is something like this good mulled with some cinnamon maybe? Thoughts please