I am looking to help market my wife's Honey Bee themed glass desings to more shops. Can you PM me the Brick and Mortar stores in your area that sell bee keeping supply's.? I am looking for the mom and pop stores not the Mann Lakes and Dadants. Basically the people that buy from them and resell to us.

Her stuff sells really well in this type of places. It is very artsy. We sell really well in stores like Made in WA and Exclusively WA. Her bee stuff sells in the local B&M stores up here also so I was trying to get a list of all of the stores Nation Wide or WW to contact so they can carry a few pieces of her work. Names, City's and locations numbers if you have them. I can Google and find the rest of the info.

PM me if you can find the time to let me know what stores you visit locally to you.

Thank you in advance for all your help.