I am in the process of making some cinnamon creamed honey. The 2 gallons of honey that I planned on using had started to crystallize so I put it into a couple half gallon glass jars and put it into a water bath caner yesterday. Well I had the temp around 145 for about 3-4 hours and still had crystals in it so I left it in the water bath with the flame off and went to bed. I was wandering what is the best way to keep the enzymes and all the goodness in the honey from not dyeing but decrystallize it at the same time. This morning I looked at it and there was still small crystals in the honey on the bottom, not much but alittle. Will this hurt the creaminess of the honey when it creams. I thought about running it throw a 200 micron filter after I mix the cinnamon into it just before I add the seed.

A little about the honey:

I bought it from a beekeeper in AZ in Feb. and it's alfalfa honey with a little mesquite mixed in.

My plan to cream it is:

I have a 1/3 cup cinnamon mixed into a couple of cups of honey that is sitting in the water bath right now.
Next I plan to mix it into a half gallon of honey and run it throw a 200 micron filter into a 5 gallon bucket that has a honey gate in it.
Then I planned on running a total of 1.5 gallons of honey throw the filter and mix it altogether.
After it s cooled down to 75degrees I planned to mix in a 12 ounce tub of spun honey as the seed and let it sit over night and bottle it the next day in 9 ounce hex jars.

The extra half gallon of honey that I have I planned to put into 1 pound muth jars with cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. I planned on putting one stick in a jar, is this right?

Please tell me if this is right or wrong.

Thank you for your help.