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    Default new queen vs laying worker sign

    Just trying to figure out how, or when to call the difference. Right now I have a nuc that has me second guessing myself (not finding a queen didn't help)

    However as some cups have only one egg, perfectly in the the bottom and noting that the cells with multiple eggs are all in the bottom- I called it as queen right and reinspect in a week.

    What is your litmus in calling laying worker instead of new queen learning to lay?

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    Default Re: new queen vs laying worker sign

    If in doubt pop in a frame of young brood and see what they do with it. It will at least keep them in shape to work with them if queenless. Be proactive with nucs with new queens. Laying workers are a pain.

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    Default Re: new queen vs laying worker sign

    If there are some eggs correctly placed at the far end of the cell, then it's likely got a "real" queen. The anatomy of workers (much shorter abdomen than a queen) makes it nearly impossible for them to position an egg at the back end of a worker-sized cell. The larger diameter of drone cells gives them more room to scootch in there sort of diagonally and hit the target.

    Double eggs in a queen's early laying pattern are pretty common in my hives. Becoming an egg-laying machine takes practice, don't ya think?

    So my call is exactly the same as yours: check again in a week and expect to find it queen right.


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