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    Default Cowpeas/Beans/Hot Weather Crops

    During this year's ultra-hot summer (44 days at over 100 degrees, with a high at my house of 116 degrees), gardening was tough. The three plants that did fine were okra, sweet potatoes, and cowpeas. The sweet potatoes and okra actually seemed to like it when it was over 100 degrees. I have some sweet potatoes that weigh over 6 pounds each, but they are still curing and I'm not sure how they will taste.

    On the peas, I planted a white-colored Crowder Pea. I normally plant more of a brown Crowder pea, but the white was good too.

    This gets me to thinking that I'd like to try some different kinds of cowpeas/shelled bean varieties. They are easy to grow, take the heat and are good to eat.

    Anybody have any suggestions on specific varieties and sources for seeds?

    Also, any suggestions on some other garden crops that like the heat?


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    Default Re: Cowpeas/Beans/Hot Weather Crops

    Just a suggestion, have you looked to seedsavers exchange? Lots of choices there, maybe they will have what you need? Most dry beans do well in heat, but some may like cooler nights and higher altitude. We had a heck of a summer in the garden, similar temps in Ks. My grape tomatoes were more like 'pea' tomatoes. Jalapenos loved it, but did better once things finally cooled to around/below 100.
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