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Thread: Bad storm

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    Our factory will be down for a few days. We have no power, as much of the state as well.
    Lots of snow, and damage everywhere.
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    On one hand I sympathize with all the folks who've lost power and who will suffer in one way or another.

    On the other hand this seems to happen over and over and over again.

    For the price of a decent spa a homeowner can have a first-rate emergency standyby generator that will run their home in the event of a power outage. Commercial ones are like buying a new pickup truck.
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    Every tree in southern New England has some sort of damage. We received 15" of the wettest snow I have ever seen. This stuff just ripped all kinds of trees down.

    Streets were non-passable for a couple days, and not there are power and utility lines everywhere.

    I plow snow and saturday night takes the cake for plow nights. Snowed so hard I only could see 5 fet in front of me. The flakes were the size of cotton balls and getting blown in every direction. Couple that with no street lights and trees and live lines in the street it would nuts.

    I had to call in quits about midnight because I was running out of fuel.

    Absolutly crazy.

    My 14 hives in two locations dont have any trees with in 100' or so.....perfect. They are flying a bit looking at all the white!
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    I agree Mike. Lost my hives overnight Saturday into Sunday due to falling trees and limbs. Nasty stuff. Got power back on Sunday and did some cleanup yesterday. Still have work to do this weekend. Quite the mess. This might have been worse than the ice storm a couple of years ago in December. There were so many leaves still on the tree's that the snow stuck and just ripped them down. At one point, my chicken coop...which is really a big shed....was buried under falling tree limbs. I couldn't tell until the morning whether or not the structure was damaged. Thankfully, it was fine, as was the house and barn. I can deal with losing my bee's so long as the family is safe. Glad you're OK. Given enough time, I won't have any tree's left on the property to worry about!
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    I moved hives out of one yard on Saturday morning to a yard with no trees over it. Lucky. Lost power at the house for about 48 hours. some of my nucs were covered with branches, but those beemax nucs held up well.

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    Those who are mechanically inclined might find it fun to build their own small generator. I built one from a tiller engine, a car alternator and a reconditioned inverter. I built it after 6 days with no power in 2009 and losing all my tropical fish. It can run my refrigerator and gas furnace simultaneously.


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