Hi DeKnow, well I see your post 294 is addressed entirely to me again. There are other people in the discussion also.

The only comment I'd make on what you've asked me is that the Seeley study is not the only study, and other methods have been used in other studies, the result has been the same though. But since you seem to be talking to me in particular, my position is I'm not a defender, or an attacker, of these study / studies. I'm neutral, I'm happy to learn from them, whatever may be learned. And regardless of this or that method used, and wether we say this study was wrong here and this study was wrong there, results are similar.

I think it's because that magic thing, whatever it is that happens or doesn't happen, in the hives of successful small cellers, but not in the hives of the failed small cellers, has not been isolated yet.

But hey, first things first. I pm'ed you my address for the book, but have not heard anything back yet.