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    hey y'all
    don't know if i can post this, but for mississippi beekeepers there is a new store that is producing quality bee hive boxes, " heartwood builders" they are producing fine cypress bee hive boxes in star mississippi, just south of jackson, i went to the mississippi beekeepers assc meeting and found some of there products there. Mr larry glass was there and spoke to him about the boxe's, it is a fine product and plan on buying some in the spring. they have a web site, "" they also build other products but they are starting new with bee boxe's. they are building 10 frame hive bodys and supers, this is great for us down in south mississippi and central, no more freight cost and they are very reasonably priced and look good. hope this helps some who are trying to start out, and trying to get a reasonable cost effective way of getting started. they have a store in star and they might sell out buy spring, so it would be a good idea to call them and go buy and look in there store!
    kindest regards
    God helps those who help themselves, the government helps those who don't want to work!

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    Thank's Bradley. I appreciate this info.

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    I buy all my 10 frame hives from Larry. The store is in Star,Mississippi. Thank you very much for your post.


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