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    Default Can I relocate bees 0.8 mile 5/6 days after swarm

    Spring DownUnder. Got a call last night for some bees, swarm had been on the side of the house for 5 days, had started building comb on outside of house and was entering wall, I knocked them into a hive with some frames and a couple of top bars, thought the queen was in the wall, still not sure if she is or not.
    Today they have started daisy chaining/ festooning on one top bar as well as joining the broken comb on the base of the hive to the other frames.
    Sstill some coming and going from the wall, doesn't seem to be much activity going in and out of the hive, so possibly just using the nectar and wax from the comb they built the last few days that I knocked in to make new stuff within the hive. Thought I would try to relocate the hive tonight, but only 0.8 miles.
    What are my chances, a few pine needles at the entrance in the morning?
    If the queen is still in the wall I know I have no chance?
    Have just been back and upset them, pulled out the comb from the bottom of the hive that was laying over (and now joined to the other frames) to try to make it easier to get at them later. Yes I probably shouldn't have, more bees now going back to the hole in the house, I suppose I will have to play a waiting game for a few days and see what they do.
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