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    A neighbor has had some bees start to build a nest inside a wall of an outside shed/office. At this point the bees look to have established themselves in the wall with many bees coming and going. They are entering through a 2 inch hole in some metal sheathing at the base of an outside wall. There would be no way to partially dismantle the wall. Is there any way to extract a colony in such a situation?

    They came to me since I keep a few hives...but I can't think of how to help...and to me, it looks like the colony will need to be 'taken care of' unfortunately...Thoughts or comments?...

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    I know that there was a instance where "taking care of" is applicable, but I'm not so certain this is the case here. Unless someone is truly alergic to stings (which very few people actually are) then it could be applicable. Some thoughts for you. . .
    You being in California I have no idea what your season is like there, however there are options. First question would be do they need them out now? If they can wait a few months you could do a trap-out. Search this forum and you'll find a TON of info on how to do it and everything else. I ought to say I'm assuming that they're honey bees. This is correct right? If they're Yellow Jackets or something else they won't be there in the spring. (at least they wouldn't be here, again I'm not sure how cold your winters are there and if they'd follow suit with what I'm familiar with) That being said, assuming they're honey bees, there is still a chance they won't be there come spring time. Depending upon how long they've been there they may not have stores to keep them through. That being the case there shouldn't be any honey to be concerned with, however if you'd like to help them out when it gets warmer assuming they do die, you could move one of your hives over there, put a little honey or something on the entrance and allow your hive to "inspect" the dead one. If there's left over honey then they'll get it all out. They're great "cleaners".

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    Try contacting someone in the Sacramento beeguild

    Nancy Stewart
    2110 'X' Street
    Sacramento, CA 85818
    Phone 916-451-2337


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