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    Default Adding late season honey super?

    Hello fellow beekeepers. I am new to the craft this year, and live in mild-wintered Aiustin, Texas. I have one hive and my bees are doing very well despite the terrible drought. We have been feeding most of the year, and the girls have filled two deeps. We just stopped feeding, and I think I should have added a honey super earlier in the season to prevent them from becoming honey-bound. Both deeps are completely full except for the two outermost frames on both supers, which are about 1/3 full. I wonder if there is any danger of them swarming this late in the season. Should I add a honey super to keep them from feeling crowded?

    There are still lots of asters, salvia, goldenrod, and other fall-blooming flowers going strong.

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    Default Re: Adding late season honey super?

    Is there room left for brood? If not you need to do something; add a super or preferably get some empty frames in the brood boxes.

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