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    Default Should Small Hive Beetle traps be considered treatments?

    I've been wondering for a long time whether beetle traps should be considered as treatments.

    My hives don't suffer from SHBs though they are around and I do see them in the hives pretty regularly. But it still begs the question.

    Here are some thoughts. Beetle traps are placed in the hive, but they aren't treating the bees. The contents of the trap should never under normal circumstances come in contact with the bees unlike every other treatment as we have defined them. Another question is whether or not the bees are able or ever would be able to deal with beetles on their own or whether as some may have claimed with varroa that they would kill off all the bees given the chance. Are the bees dependent on the traps or are they in use for the sake of production?

    What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Should Small Hive Beetle traps be considered treatments?

    Are they used to treat bees or beetles? SHBs aren't pests of honeybees, in the true sense, they are pests of the equipment, the combs. So, in one sense the traps treat the hive, but not the colony. I guess.

    Not being treatment free I didn't vote.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    Default Re: Should Small Hive Beetle traps be considered treatments?

    Seems to me they would fall into a similar category of mouse guards or SBB's.

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    Default Re: Should Small Hive Beetle traps be considered treatments?

    I would consider it a treatment, as you are likely using apple-cider vinegar and/or vegetable or mineral oil in the well. Granted, these are not active chemical agents, but these are still foreign substances to a hive's natural chemistry. Although the bees shouldn't be able to access the well, the beetles will. I wouldn't use beetle traps unless I felt I had a high population of beetles in the hive that I didn't want to allow. So, to me, I would be "treating" for the beetles--to eliminate a potential pest.

    That being said, beetles never winter well in Northeast Ohio and seldom present a real issue year over year. If they find a home (usually introduced through packages in our area), they only hasten the decline of poor colonies left unchecked--with other issues that were really killing the colony.

    Just my 2.
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    Default Re: Should Small Hive Beetle traps be considered treatments?

    Im treatment free and although i have never had any problems with beetles it seems that they are more of a piece of hardware, such as an in-hive feeder would be. Ive never used them personally.

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    Default Re: Should Small Hive Beetle traps be considered treatments?

    I gave up considering myself treatment free for the forum purposes when folks argued that feeding sugar syrup was a treatment. Then the debate about HBH, and now SHB traps. Those in northern climes have the luxury of this "discussion." The rest will either trap, or lose their hives.
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