I carefully read the book but it wasn't supposed to be this way! I carefully sanitized everything and started trying to syphon mead out of primary fermenter. I don't know how I lost syphon several times but in the process of getting it back, I am sure I got a whole lot of oxygen into the mead and a whole lot of lubricant into me! Holy Honeybee but that stuff is stought! By my addled calculations of specific gravity then and now, about 18 1/2 percent torpedo fuel. Is there a better way than that racking cane or a better tool? Now I will let it age for a half a year or so before bottling it. How bad is all that O2 going to mess things up? I just hope it turns up drinkable, well it is drinkable now if you have a sixteen year old boys decerning pallette and desire to catch a buzz!