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    Default Re: American Foulbrood (afb)

    Quote Originally Posted by Yehoshua View Post
    1) anyone think that Italians might be more susceptible to it than other strains, or is this just more likely a coincidence? 2) If the spores basically live forever, what do you about the dirt in the field around the hive?
    There is nothing one can do or needs to do about the soil around the hives.

    I have no reason to think Italians are more suseptible to AFB than any other strain of bee. I do wonder where you got your equipment from?

    Being a first poster here, how long have you had bees?
    How did you determine it was AFB? What signs did you see?
    Did you buy a package of bees and put them on foundation or comb?
    Did you buy a nuc? Most infections are bought. Unbeknownst to the seller usually. Or transfered unbeknownst to the beekeeper making the split.
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    Default Re: American Foulbrood (afb)

    I've only been keeping bees for a couple years, but it was definitely AFB, classic in symptoms from everything I've read and every Youtube clip – the smell, the sunken caps, the brown rope - but to be sure I had someone more experienced come and check it out to confirm. Not clear where it could have come from: I bought a package, put them on mostly new foundation, partly on comb left over from last year from a hive that died for other reason (no AFB, but a swarm followed by laying workers that I didn't notice until it was too late).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrbbees View Post
    Thanks Russell,
    You are blessing us. Would we have some one do this for every problem we are facing.
    Moderators: Can this become a sticky or something always at the top?
    This was a very interesting thread but it seems to have died? maybe worth a re-read?

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    Default Re: American Foulbrood (afb)

    This year I'm doing the following: I have a bucket of water and bleach where I put the tools when I get the apiary. Are disinfected daily.

    I did not know that petrol is a fast and effective method to kill the bees inside the hive with AFB .

    Thank you all: a very informative thread .
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    Quote Originally Posted by max2 View Post
    This was a very interesting thread but it seems to have died? maybe worth a re-read?
    Good things always die. First. We just do not notice it. Full speed ahead baby.
    But, hope is not lost. Looks like some wanderers out there in the world of bees, are still in searching mode. Cool.

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    Maybe not bad but not really necessary. The reason number 1 for spreading AFB is transfering frames and other equipment between hives, number two robbing of infected hives.

    There is a good NZ book about AFB. Highly recommended.
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