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    Default After the bees are out...

    I'm doing a cutout sometime during the next week from the wall of an old building that is being renovated. If I don't do it now, they're going to kill the bees. I understand that I may not benefit as far as transferring them to a hive that will survive the winter, so I'm mostly doing it for the experience and to support a historic renovation project.

    Once I get all the bees and comb out of the wall, do I need to treat it with anything to discourage bees from trying to get back in? The contractor on the project is going to repair all of the damage and seal up the entry.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: After the bees are out...

    I just use a 50/50 mix of Clorox and soapy water and spray it down.

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    Default Re: After the bees are out...

    I recently listened to a presentation with Cindy Bee .....
    She says to fill the cavity with insulation when done. Bees won't chew theough it.


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