Over the last few weeks, I have seen more drone activity than expected for the season from one of my hives. Now since it has started getting cold, I notice the bees have started the eviction process. Every morning, I see them dumping drone brood and stunned drones off the landing board to the waiting yellowjackets on the ground below. Quite a sight to watch. I have not seen drones in my other hives for a long time, so I think this is the last one to do it. I was a bit worried about the yellowjackets at first, but they seem quite content to feed off the dead larva and occasional adult drone that gets dumped by the bees. That hive is wicked strong, and the first frost is just weeks away, so I do not expect the yellowjackets to be much of an issue for long.

When the drones get evicted, is it more common for the bees to do it all at once or draw it out over a week or so?