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    Default My own bees can't seem to get back in through the robber screen entrance

    My bees were taking over a gallon of syrup a day per hive, and I discovered yesterday that it was because they were definitely being robbed (fighting on the porch/ground, bees crawling all over the sides and back of the hive trying to get in through cracks, etc.) So I discontinued feeding yesterday and placed robber screens (Michael Bush style) on both of my hives before sunrise this morning. The robbers did show up as expected after sunup, and the screen was doing the job of keeping them out. However, throughout the day MY bees (returning with lots of pollen) have been building up on the outside of the screen and don't seem to be able to find their way in. I now have thousands of bees (looks like several 3# packages) bearding all over the robber screen, the front and sides of the hives, and in a giant cluster on the porch and under the hive.

    Is it normal for them to take a while to learn to find their way in? I know that there is indeed a path for them to get in, since they did get out in the first place. I haven't heard anyone else mention this problem, so I am worried, especially since it is expected to dip into the upper 40s tonight.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!
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    Default Re: My own bees can't seem to get back in through the robber screen entrance

    Try taking it off after dark so they can get in, and put it back on after they are in. After once or twice they should get it.
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