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    Quote Originally Posted by chevydmax04 View Post
    did you treat for mites before winter? I have seen SHB in my hives but I would think mites were more likely the culprit in wiping out your hives. Last year I did not do mite treatment and I lost 3 out of 5 hives. This year I treated so it will be interesting this spring to see the difference
    No, it wasn't mites. Mites might have been a minor factor, but the SHB larva ruined the frames. Having not been aware that the Queens were gone, I lost at least 2 weeks before the Queens were replaced, so that's 2 weeks of no brood coming in. After being back home a few days, I eventually saw SHB adults. It never entered my mind it was SHB; I thought "No way -- they aren't found this far north." At least that's what I had heard and read.

    These bees came from Texas the previous season. They were so aggressive and industrious, I thought they might have had some African genetics. When I saw the larva, I thought it was wax moth, as I had had no experience with wax moth before. I wasn't too concerned about that, as my hives were pretty strong and industrious. So, I did some interventions for that. When I returned from my 2 weeks away, the bees were much reduced in activity, which was a factor in my investigation for the presence of the Queens, and I ascertained the Queens were missing. (Not sure why - I guessed I had accidentally killed them in inspecting the hives before I left home. [another story])

    I really liked those bees. Incredibly industrious, although a little too aggressive -- they would send out a "guard" bee or two or three after leaving the bee yard, and those bees would follow me 100 yards or so.

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    No queens might mean your hives swarmed took the queens and 1/2 the bees (maybe more). Leaving your hive allot of unpatrolled space. Making open to beetles and moths.


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