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    Default I want Goldenrod

    A few years ago I made some of the stinkiest nastiest tasting yellowish honey, could not stand the taste (still can't). It made the best mead!!! I have not had a decent crop of the stuff but really want some more. We have it in bloom around here, they just are not working it much. If you have some stinky foul smelling honey that you suspect to be goldenrod, I would like to buy some from you.

    1. I need over a gallon of the stuff, will pay your price for 1.5 gallons. If you have gallon buckets I am willing to buy two as they could be easy to ship.
    2. I want to see and taste it first, will pay for you to ship sample to me. Get a small amount in any kind of safe shipping container, tell me what you want to ship it. Reused cheap containers around your kitchen are acceptable.
    3. I am willing to buy similar amounts for other distinguished varietal honeys with the same deal.

    Many years ago I bought some Texas Brush honey, that did a nice job also. Let me know what you think you have.

    Send me a PM or email through here for direct contact info.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: I want Goldenrod

    Don't have anything to sell but maybe can learn from your post.

    I'm thinking about using hobby mead producers as a source to sell honey here in Kansas City.

    You wrote goldenrod makes the best mead. Do you think it is worth a try asking a mead producers to give it a try or is the taste a regional and individual thing? Is selling clover honey to hobby mead producers a "safer" honey in terms of less chance of rejected taste? Hate to loose a potential customer and his/her referrals on the first sale.
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    Default Re: I want Goldenrod

    I have a few 2-gal buckets raw or processed. Just PM me.

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    Default Re: I want Goldenrod

    Bump. I've received one sample, grateful for it, but it is not unique enough in aroma or flavor. If anyone has a unique strong flavored or aromatic honey, please let me know. It does not have to be goldenrod, just very different.


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