Really short paragraph, but I get a lot of traffic.

We are stocking less, and working more. Servicing more ponds, and now doing Bee Swarm Removals!
Courtesy of a badly done bee removal in our area, the gardens produced no tomatoes last year. When a beehive is sprayed, the honey is poisoned, and every bee for miles will take a bite and die. So this spring, I got a beehive. And started learning bees this summer. Equipment is almost fully in place, we are up to swarm removals now, established hives in sheds, garages, water meters, probably. House cut-outs, not yet. But soon. A page will go up when I have the pond cleanup page finished, and time to prepare it. Swarm removals within 25 or 30 miles: Free. This means swarm hanging on a branch, car bumper, or someplace easy to get to. Give us a call.

Maybe I'll get lucky and get a call on the robber bees!