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    Default Cut and crop question

    I rescued a hive that was built on a bush before it got sprayed. My question is, how to transfer this to a top bar hive?
    The comb is intertwined with the limbs of the bush and they just built comb anywhere. It is not very organized.
    Should I just start cutting the limbs and remove the comb the best I can? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Cut and crop question

    I would cut the biggest pieces of comb that I could and attach them to bars, keep them straight and go from there. You will not get all of the comb so take whats left and let the bees clean it up after they are in the hive. If you have any other top bars place some bars with comb in to help them stay straight and build right. The bees will figure things out pretty quick once they are in the hive.


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