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    Default Irene Came Way Too Close

    Most of my apiaries are high and dry. The bees located in their apiaries for decades in many cases. There's really only one where water comes close. The apiary in in an old gravel pit, next to the Little Chazy river in Chazy, NY. They took too much gravel to build the interstate, and my bee yard road isn't much above flood stage. When the river does flood, the water shoots out through a cut between two gravel banks and out into the fields. It's never come close to the bees that are 50 feet away. If it didn't get them this time, it never will...unless the Little Chazy decides on a new path around Mrs. Williamson's house.

    My other truck is a Jeep.

    Standing at the edge of the crater...

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    Default Re: Irene Came Way Too Close

    Glad they are safe Michael and you too. That's a really nice spot. I could take a nap in there


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