I am really enjoying building my own bee keeping equipment with just a few power tools. After constructing a stand for the hive I moved to a buddy's place, I needed to start clearing some surplus supers and extracting. Being a hobby backyard bee keeper and not wanting to use a fume board or brush each frame by hand[there are about 5/4 8-frame boxes worth to clear], I decided to look into 'escape boards'. Both hives are in my yard and within a few yards of the back door, so visiting my apiary multiple times a day is no problem.

I found some good plans at Dave Cushman's site and I choose what I felt was the more simple project, the Roger Patterson square 'vortex' escape. I used 3/8" ply[well of course just under 3/8", more like 5/16"] for the pieces and board itself with 1"x3" as the depth for the escaping bees and 3/4" for the top spacing. This gives me a 2 1/2" void to accept the outflow. I'll be putting it on today while I'm out in the yard with some landscaping projects...hope it works well!