I am an organic gardener. I keep fish mainly organically, very few meds, no additives (except in my reef tank and they are necessary there) I cannot bring myself to order a product I have to wear a breathing mask to use, so that knocks out mite away strips. Apiguard sounds too much like an insecticide, bees are insects, and I've read threads that suggested the queen takes off after treatment. I'm having enough trouble, have had enough trouble.

I found 5 mites on my sticky after my last powdered sugar treatment, which is pretty low. But the bees are low on provisions, I will be feeding, and that is not the same nutrition as real honey and real pollen. So I would like to take them into winter without the mites. I want the BEST treatment to be effective and not harm my bees.
Dadant of course says Hopguard doesn't make a difference, but they don't sell it either.

So I'm looking for a few product reviews, and I'll bet I'm not the only one wondering. Does it work, how were the bees afterward?