For all my bottling up to now I have used one of those fancy doodads that connect to tubing wherein pressure on the filling apparatus in the bottom of the bottle allows the product to flow. I think this is called a "bottle filler". Well today mine seems to have sprung a leak, it shoots out the side about halfway up the device (not on the tube, just on the actual spring loaded thingy). So for now, I am bottling straight from the spigot on my bottling bucket.

My question for those of you here, do you have any experience bottling direct from the bucket? Did you notice any off flavors?

I've heard that "oxygenation" at this stage can be detrimental, that is my concern.

Thank you.

And just to brag a little, I've got a white and a red muscadine wine started this week, along with a 2nd run red (I addded water and sugar to red grapes after the first pressing). I have 35 gallons of Nobles fermenting on the skins. There is more to pick. I am bottling some reds from kits, 7 gallons of last years muscadine red blend, a 2010 muscadine white (too dry, needed sugar added so I gave most of this away). All in all, still need to bottle 7 more carboys, hence the importance of the question.