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    Right, that's exactly what I said. Some heated air will rise above the cluster. But the very fact that air is rising from the cluster means that the cluster is warmer than the hive. But what is the temperature NEXT TO the cluster? Below the cluster? The hive is not being purposely heated by the bees, but incidentally slightly warmed by heat wasted from the cluster.

    Do you use upper entrances?

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    Default Re: Video of the world's worst beekeeper in action!

    Ok New beek question. . . JRH I understand what you're saying, however if these are studies that you are aware of then it does in my thoughts affirm the statements about them not heating up the hive. The better test perhaps may be to do a temp reading on the side of the cluster not above it. Heat rises so it makes sense that it would be warmer above it then outside. We also know that brood is kept at 90 +/- degrees correct? This being the case at 50 degrees it would all die is my thinking correct? So even though the temp above the cluster is 50 it doesn't mean much other than there's heat coming from the cluster. Now to my question. . . At least the cluster does heat up the inside some wether it's on purpose or not can be debated, but that's how they were created. So what does it matter if it's on purpose or not? It is helpful to know that above the cluster is (as much as) 50 degrees so that helps me think that if they need to move slightly to get to stores they can reach out to it. (or up to it whatever the case may be) Apart from that what benefit is there to knowing if they heat up the hive on purpose or just as a by-product?


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