delber, The double screen dont cause humidity,lack of ventilation by wrapping them up tight causes humidity. You have to consider that stacie is in Georgia and you are in Pa. hive wrapping down here(Kentucky on down) is pretty much a waste of time. I've seen bees fly out of hives that were heated up by the sun on tarpaper and never get back in from the cold. If humidity is a problem then you need to make sure you have a vent open at the top so it can escape.I dont even block off the screened bottoms on my hives.I just make sure there is a vent in the inner cover to allow airflow,usually right at the front,and then I cover the hole in the center of the inner cover with a piece of insulboard (or anything that will absorb the moisture and still allow a little air to flow) and toss on the outer cover and wait for spring.If a hive is weak sometimes I will put a candyboard on top.