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    Default Swarm cells in September

    After harvesting honey, I've left the hive with 2 deeps and one medium. A week later, checking to see how much capped honey they have for the winter, I noticed 15-20 nice swarm cells, capped, on three full brood frames. Should I pull the laying queen, put her into a nuc w/ proper supplies, and close it all up? Or should I attempt to crush all of the swarm cells, as it's so late in the season, and barely any drones about? Thanks

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    Default Re: Swarm cells in September

    One of my hives swarmed last Sep. Here we still have drones, & good enough weather for mating.
    If you're weather is already cold, & the drones are gone the new queen wouldn't have a chance to mate.
    Don't know the right answer but, You could probably move the old queen, then recombine in a few weeks.


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