Since I had to go and feed syrup today to the hive I decided to look again. This time I noticed eggs and uncapped larvae so this is a good sign. Still did not see the queen, I think she is Carl Lewis of the bee world.

My next problem is I had placed several frames of wax covered Plasticell in there, no drawn foundation just straight brand new frames/foundation. Last check I thought they were taking to them but they are not. They have actually started to attach their free form rubber banded combs to them. I worked all of that loose but they will just re-attach eventaully.

So to help with my problem do I.....

Re-wax the frames to give it and them a boost.

Let them do their own thing and wait till Spring and add a deep body on top for them to work up and on with drawn foundation. Probelm with that is I don't want a complete mess of the box they are in right now.

Find somebody willing to exchange drawn frames for new ones.

Can't replace with any other drawn frames since that would be robbing from Peter to pay Paul at this time of year. Also the bees are expanding on their free form comb and all of their stores are in them as well as eggs/larvae.

My answer is to find somebody willing to exchange but that can be tough since drawn foundation is invaluable at times.

Anyway...thanks for all of the previous advice. I have still alot to learn and to me if you don't learn something new everyday life can be boring.