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    Default Re: Ultrabreeze vs Pigeon Mountain Ventilated

    Do not know but will find out, he just called it Better, looked exactly like the one I got at Pigeon Mountain except is used and pretty dirty. It had a tag in the neck says Made In India, the one I bought from Pigeon Mountain has a tag says made in India also.

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    Default Re: Ultrabreeze vs Pigeon Mountain Ventilated

    [SIZE=2]Mr. Cook,

    Thank you for contacting Pigeon Mountain Trading Company.

    Please rest assured that PMTC is not trying to imply in any way any product is made anywhere other than where it is. We are wholly owned by U.S. Vinyl Corporation which has operations in the Americas, Asia and Europe. We weave or extrude most of our own fabrics, do our own sewing/fabrication, and no matter what country we are working in, all things are done to U S specifications. Most of our bee wear is currently being sewn in India from fabrics made in various countries including the USA and each piece of clothing will have a tag in the neck which designates the country it was final fabricated in. There is no intent to hide or disguise where we make any of our PMTC brand products. We are very proud of the quality of all our products sold under the PMTC Brand and offer a 100% money back guarantee to our customers if they are not in any way fully satisfied with any of our products upon receiving them.

    I hope this addresses any issues you might have and answers your inquiry but please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Thank you again for contacting us.
    Randy Cumbee
    General Manager
    Pigeon Mountain Trading Company

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    Sent: Mon 9/26/2011 8:54 PM
    To: Pigeon Mountain Trading Company
    Subject: Contact PMTC

    Where are the ventilated beesuits and jackets made. You imply that that
    they are made in the USA, but don't ever say that. If they are made in
    the USA then you will get lots of sales of them. If they are made
    elsewhere you need to say so, or you are going to make some unhappy
    because they believe they are made here from the way you state the product description.
    Thank you, Brent Cook

    I recieved this email from Pigeon Mountain, at least they did reply, and now we can make an informed choice. Good luck!!
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    So much to learn, so little time!!

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    Default Re: Ultrabreeze vs Pigeon Mountain Ventilated

    I have the pigeon mountain breathable. I love it, great quality! Don't hesitate

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