I found this copy of the pa bee law at
Bee Law (Act of December 12, 1994, P.L.
903, No. 131)(3 Pa.C.S.A. 2101 2117).

It says
(c) Hives.-- No person shall keep or maintain honeybees in any hive other than a
modern movable frame hive which permits thorough examination of every comb to
determine the presence of bee disease. All other types of hives or receptacles for bees
which are in use are hereby declared to be a public nuisance and a menace to the
community, and the secretary, the chief apiary inspector or any apiary inspector may
seize and destroy the hive or receptacle without remuneration to the owner.

Am I a menace to society for keeping bees in a warre hive? My bars are not glued in place they are held in place with a single brad. I was thinking about going with the bar and a half design, where it looks like a upside down u, with a streight bar for the top and two smaller half sized bars on the sides. Will this, would this prevent my hive from being destroyed by an inspector?

Has anyone else run into this problem?