I have a hive that I cutout August 23rd out of a crate. Left the hive there for a few days to catch stragglers and them moved across town.

Basically 2 weeks ago I was able to check on them and noticed they had produced a queen cell so was thinking either the original queen was old or got injured during the trapout or they had a new queen that likewise had happened. 7 days ago I was able to go back and put in some frames with foundation and checked the comb I had rubberbanded in. Checked last weekend, did not see the queen so thought she was a runner but noticed the queen cell had been uncapped, did not need smoke since they are pretty gentle. Looked at existing comb and noticed no eggs.

First thought is that she had not been bred then am thinking she might not have made it through the mating flight. The other bees are bringing in pollen and starting to work on the new frames but still no brood or eggs that I can tell.

So my question is do I give them another week then re-check since she could be laying but very spotty and the bees are covering up the eggs or go ahead and requeen now.

The only attachment to this hive is that it is my first cutout so would like to get them through, have been feeding syrup and during the hot temps they were sucking it down, cooled off and not so much but it has warmed back up and they are on it.