I have been tasked to implement a program to “certify” beekeepers in Hillsborough County. The Board of Commissioners is implementing an ordinance to allow beekeeping on non-agricultural properties. They want prospective beekeepers to go through a practical and written course to ensure they can be responsible. The Commissioners thought the Florida Master Beekeeper program would satisfy the requirement, however a prerequisite is to be a registered beekeeper for one year.
The practical will be modeled after the Florida Master Beekeeper tests. The candidate will inspect a hive from start to finish and tell the tester what they are doing and looking for. The second part is a written test.
I am looking for the 50 most important questions for the written exam. It should include hive placement and how to be a good bee neighbor, disease control, best management practices, and enough knowledge to correctly answer questions from neighbors or the media. What do you think are the 50 top questions? Thank you.

If the ordinance is implemented it will protect beekeepers and allow beekeeping in the city similar to the state initiative. Hillsborough County has the most new beekeepers per year, over 100, in the state of Florida for the past few years. This could easily become the model for other municipalities.