I have a 10 frame box with a 10 frame super my poor little bees are trying to guard, The deep is not full of comb yet. So I could theoretically pull the super off, it does have newly drawn comb probably
filled with sugar water. I could move those frames to a nuc, put a couple of frames of capped brood and some bees in it, put it on a bottom board with a telescoping lid, and in a week or so add a frame of uncapped brood, and they might make a queen? It's still hot here for another 4 weeks minimum, possibly 12 weeks, do I have time?

I'm off today. Work is getting busy so I will be checking the computer often. Robbers are on the outside of the robber screen, going to get sugar when Costco opens. If I have to open-feed, well that empty nuc box of mine is looking mighty attractive. (it's been out as a bait hive for a week) And the best way to get experience, is to get experience.....But I don't want to lose more bees.