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    Default Do I add a medium super?

    I poster earlier that I had no queen. Folks here pointed out the drought was starving my bees. In response I added a hive top feeder. On one side sugar water, on the other side I added bee cake from Brushy Mountain.

    The result: Now both 10 frame supers are drawn out and full. Bees galore and they are rockin. My issue is only 1 frame has not been drawn out and filled. I move it to the middle and started thinking. If the hive is fully utilized should I add a super for the bees to use or wait till spring?

    As is obvious I am new at this.

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    Default Re: Do I add a medium super?

    When all your supers are 70 to 80 percent full, not just drawn, add another. You say they are full so go ahead.


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