Robbing occurring, two langstroth started very late for New Hampshire (mid-June, things unfortunately set starting up back.) They stalled at 12 deep frames drawn since early August, worried about getting two deeps full for winter so I fed. My mistake. Fed with hbh additive, might have spilled a little as frame feeder spills before you get to opening top, the scent drove local bees into a frenzy. Bees were mean for first time ever. Hives became covered in bees, some not my colorations, some climbing then taking off. No fighting. I closed both hives down to single entrance then covered in wet sheet. After two days of rain, the sun finally came out and now bees all over and at sheet.

1: What next, wait another day with sheet? Close off entirely for a day? (hives have screened bottoms, bottom entrance / currently reduced.) How do I know robbing is over? How long to act against?

2: Also as it seems that only the original package italian bees really built any comb (not the newly born carniolans, but maybe that was August dearth caused) I'm worried that I only have 12 full combs in each, with lots of brood 7 frames full, and only uncapped honey and pollen on outer frames. Thought they'd fill two deeps. Should I give them the Autumn to prepare or should I unite the two hives???? (Is one - 3 deep hive better than two - 1 deep with a half full deep hives?

3: How can I feed a weak hive without inducing robbing. Or should you?