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    Default Re: Stop feeding pollen patties?

    I have a couple of choices.

    1. Don't feed, no bees in the spring, start over, or have a garage sale and offer all of the equipment I've invested in at about 5% of what I paid for it.
    2. Feed. Bees in the spring.

    The 3rd option would be to let my bees starve and buy all new bees in the spring. But since I'm in over $700 with no honey, I don't think so. I work 7 days a week in spring the bees could sit in mailbox and die before I get home from work.
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    Default Re: Stop feeding pollen patties?

    ONE supplier in the province? How does one go about getting THAT monopoly?!?

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    Default Re: Stop feeding pollen patties?

    Reading up online it looks like bees can be imported into Newfoundland, you just need a permit and health inspections which is the same as I need to bring bees over from Canada.

    By the sounds of it a totally sealed population would not exist very long up there. I read some advertisement on Newfoundland honey and how it is the "purest" on earth because of the lack of bee diseases which need to be chemically treated. I am tempted to order some and run sucrose test on it to see how much cane sugar is in it.
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