I went this afternoon to feed my bees in preparation for the winter. Ive got two hives one appears to be significantly stronger than the other. The stronger one gave me a big surprise. I had put the feeders on top of the hives earlier this summer in anticipation of the end of the nectar flow and of starting to feed the bees for the winter. However, due to a hectic travel schedule at work (Im literally home maybe 25% of the time and I usually try to make that time coincide with the monthly beekeeper meeting) I hadnt looked in on the bees in about 6 weeks. To my shock the stronger hive had filled both sides of the Miller feeder with comb full of honey. My gut feeling is leave it alone and put another Miller feeder on top of it and feed from there. Id rather not clean out the comb at this point especially since its so full of honey. An alternative is to feed using buckets rather than another Miller feeder. Id like to get some feedback to make sure that Im going in the right direction.

The other hive didnt build comb in the Miller feeder trays and so Im starting the feeding cycle with them at the moment.