Hi All
I am in the first steps of becoming a beekeeper, really just the research stage although I sent off my DPI registration form yesterday so I guess within the next week or so it will be official I live In Epping, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, but we have recently purchased a farm in Kennedys Creek which is on the western edge of the Otways or about 30km inland from the 12 Apostles and The Great Ocean Road. This is where my hives will be located. I get to the farm about once a week with the occasional fortnight thrown in so the hives won't be on their own for any extended length of time. At the moment I am planning to start with one or maybe 2 hives at the most this year. I am not interested in a commercial endeavor, purely amateur so I don't see myself progressing past half a dozen hives, but then stranger things have happened I guess
I am planning to go to the next Beekeepers Club meeting in Doncaster and join up as well as trying to work in one of their beginner courses around my shift.
In the mean time I have started getting my wooden ware together, I have enough for 2 hives, with one brood box and one super with frames top and bottom etc, all in 8 frame deeps.
All the best.