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    Default becoming honey bound

    This is a second year hive that has had 1 super of honey harvested from it in July
    My current set up is 1 deep, 1 medium for the brood chamber and 2 medium honey supers.
    The deep has almost 50/50 brood and nectar it looks like nectar is being placed in any open cell they can put it.
    The medium brood chamber has all brood except for the outer frame on either side which has nectar and pollen.
    one super is almost completely full of nectar but most is not capped the other super has wax foundation they started to draw out but looks like they have stopped and now they are chewing holes in the outer edges and bottom.
    What should I do?

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    Default Re: becoming honey bound

    The bees are starting to prepare for winter by putting food in the frames they will start the winter on. If you are not having a strong nectar flow I would feed or remove the super with the wax foundation. The bees chew foundation when there is not enough nectar comming in to require them to draw the foundation into comb.

    Here in Stone county, we are having a light pollen and nectar flow but not enough to cause wax production.

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    Default Re: becoming honey bound

    This explains why I saw wax crumbs on my bottom sticky board, and no shb, no moths when I checked the frames. They don't have nearly enough put up for winter.. Going to keep feeding.
    Stuck in Texas. Learning Permaculture in drought, flood and strange weather. The bees are still alive.


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